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90-Day Challenge Leaderboard

NameLocationPoints To DatePoints To DatePoints To DatePoints To DatePoints To DatePoints To DatePoints To DateOutcome
Mary WardBarker Cypress27pts27pts
Jody Tancred - Barker Cypress23pts23pts
Gilber Garza Jr.Barker Cypress21pts21pts
Dawn FriesenBarker Cypress21pts21pts
Nathan RoePost Oak16pts20pts
Emily ClarkBarker Cypress19pts19pts
Heather MonkPost Oak0pts16pts
Donna NavaSugarland12pts12pts
Johnny PorterSugarland10.5pts12pts
Pamela StinesPearland6pts11pts
Cynthia BurciagaSugarland4.5pts10pts
Michael BicePost Oak7pts10pts
Ana LopezPost Oak9pts9pts
Elio RamosPost Oak0pts9pts
Anna DehartPost Oak0pts9pts
Shavonna MamouSugarland6.5pts8.5pts
Renee RobinsonPearland0pts8pts
Marc BrudererPost Oak0pts8pts
Torrey ConerlyPost Oak0pts8pts
Kareem AminBarker Cypress8pts8pts
Damian MaySugarland0pts7pts
Normalinda MoralesBarker Cypress7pts7pts
Lisa BunnerSugarland6.5pts6.5pts
Amber SteeleSugarland0pts6pts
Vicki JudicePearland6pts6pts
Jimmy VergesSugarland0pts6pts
Chris HainesSugarland6pts6pts
Rachel SelskiPearland0pts6pts
Armetrice HenrySugarland0pts6pts
Sharon TillieSugarland4pts5.5pts
Rick ArredondaSugarland5.5pts5.5pts
Marie HellerSugarland0pts4.5pts
Kori JohnstonSugarland0pts4pts
Reagan RodriguezPearland0pts4pts
Tim IrvinPost Oak4pts4pts
Rob WilkinsonSugarland4pts4pts
Marina CostaBarker Cypress4pts4pts
Trula BookerPearland7pts7pts
Ferrel SteelaPearland6pts6pts
Thomas PittmanSugarland4pts4pts
Chris ClemonsPearland4pts4pts
Jennifer PoliseSugarland3.5pts3.5pts



It’s hardest to lose weight and build muscle during the holidays – unless you have the incentive of a cruise for two to Mexico to look forward to!  Dynamic Fitness’s 90-Day Challenge gives you the motivation to keep the pounds off even when pumpkin pies and candy canes are everywhere.

For more information about how to join the challenge or schedule a personal training session, visit one of our four locations. We look forward to seeing you at the gym!

  • Sign Up.

    There’s a small entrance fee for each participant.

  • Work Out.

    Dynamic is open 24 hours a day doing a week and from 7AM to 7PM on weekends, so no matter what your schedule allows, you’ll be able to find time to work out.

  • Utilize Your Resources.

    Joining the 90-day fitness challenge means you’ll get personal training sessions with Dynamic Results and be able to attend D-Fit classes, in addition to the wide range of classes we have available at each of our locations.

  • Get in Shape!

    We’ve laid the groundwork for your success.  With a little determination, a tropical vacation is in your reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the challenge last?

    The answer is right in the name — 90 days!  The specific dates are October 1st to January 1st.

  • Can you give any more details about the prize?

    More details are coming soon.

  • Can I join after the challenge begins on October 1st?

    No, if you want to participate in the challenge you must register before October 1st.

Meet The Past Winners!

A Dynamic Interview With Our Winner:

Meet Bill Drucker

Bill Drucker has worked with one of our personal trainers for months and the contest helped motivate him to work even harder. Although Bill had been in great shape before, two shoulder injuries set him back.

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A Dynamic Interview With Our Winner:

Meet Shaleen Kordeleski!

Shaleen had been working out at the Dynamic Fitness Club in Sugarland and was starting to see results.  Her personal trainer, Jennifer Lopez encouraged Shaleen to take part in the 90 Day Challenge because she felt she would be a great candidate for the program.

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