90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge

Shaleen Kordeleski had already began a personal fitness program back in the Fall of 2016 when her personal trainer suggested that she take part in in the Dynamic Fitness 90 Day Challenge.

Shaleen had been working out at the Dynamic Fitness Club in Sugarland and was starting to see results.  Her personal trainer, Jennifer Lopez encouraged Shaleen to take part in the 90 Day Challenge because she felt she would be a great candidate for the program.

With the guidance of her trainer, Shaleen committed to a fitness and nutrition plan that, while stringent, worked into her lifestyle. Her trainer devised an exercise plan that she followed five days a week, with specific exercises to do each day.  In addition, Jennifer helped Shaleen with nutritional goals and meal planning. Shaleen shared that “Jennifer really went above and beyond with her support. In addition to the fitness guidance, the meal plan really helped, especially during the holidays, where I had many nutritional alternatives to choose from.”

Shaleen added that Jennifer was encouraging but not pushy and that she offered many options for workouts and food options. She also felt that Jennifer paid extra attention to her needs as a diabetic and devised an exercise plan to not only help her lose weight but to strengthen muscles in her body where she had experienced past injuries. “She really took all my health issues into consideration when she constructed this personal fitness plan,” Shaleen added about her trainer.

And while her trainer may be receiving kudos for her fitness plan, it is no doubt that Shaleen’s commitment, hard work and perseverance led her to winning the 90 Day Challenge. Overall Shaleen lost close to 30 pounds and reduced her body fat by 17 %.  Going forward, Shaleen plans to continue her workouts and stick with her nutrition plan to continue a healthy and fit lifestyle.

What an accomplishment! Congratulations Shalleen!