Dynamic Announces State-of-the-Art Equipment Upgrades

Dynamic Announces State-of-the-Art Equipment Upgrades

Dynamic Fitness is committed to delivering the ultimate fitness experience. In keeping with our goal to continuously offer our members the best in service, training, equipment and amenities, we continue to invest in and upgrade our facilities.

Currently, high Intensity interval training (HIIT) is at the forefront of the fitness industry. This type of training can be performed aerobically with cardio exercises and through strength training with weights. Our D-Fit training program incorporates HITT training combined with a focused group training environment. At Dynamic Fitness we strive to offer our members all of the resources, equipment and amenities to support their unique levels of training and fitness goals.

We are always listening to the needs of our members and we strive to stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in the fitness industry. In alignment with this objective, Dynamic Fitness has invested over a quarter of a million dollars and added brand new, cutting edge equipment to our facilities. This advanced equipment supports an innovative and structured team training environment with an emphasis on our HIIT and D-Fit team training programs.

We are happy to announce that we will soon be adding PrecorĀ® Queenax Functional Training Units to our floor space. This equipment offers the accessories, space and unique features to fully support a HIIT workout!

These comprehensive training units offer functional and suspended body weight training with a vast range of training accessories while also preserving the open floor space needed for group and cardio exercises. Accessories include a pull up bar, torso trainer, mobile parallel bars, curved bars, a plyometric platform and more. These units can comfortably accommodate up to four members at a time for partner or individual training. Additional features include an olympic bar, battle rope, handle extensions and a suspension abs kit. This progressive equipment offers members the opportunity for a full cardio and strength training workout that enhances a concentrated HIIT and D-Fit training program.

Dynamic Fitness strives to remain a leader in the constantly changing fitness industry. We continue to advance and invest in our facilities, services and team members so that we can offer our members the highest level of services and the ultimate fitness experience.