Dynamic Opens Its Doors to the Houston Community after Hurricane Harvey

Dynamic Opens Its Doors to the Houston Community after Hurricane Harvey

Thousands of people in the Houston area were displaced in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. As we know homes and businesses were destroyed, streets were flooded and the simple fundamentals of shelter, warmth and food became the priority for many. In the aftermath of this horrendous storm and the tragedy that it became for the community of Houston, there are many remarkable stories of kindness, compassion and support that have arisen.

In support of the Houston community, Dynamic Fitness, a Houston based company, is dedicated to providing even the simplest means of comfort and perhaps some normalcy to those in need. Employees, members and local residents were deeply affected by this storm. While there was minimal damage to its four locations, the goal was to open these spaces as quickly as possible so employees could return to work and members could return as well. More importantly, they also opened their doors to all members of the community. Local residents were welcomed to use the facilities, take a shower and spend time feeling perhaps normal again for a little while. One community resident said he took the bus all the way to the Post Oak location just so he could work out and feel normal again. The Dynamic gym locations remain open to all members of the Houston community until the end of September.

Jared Williams, CEO and Managing Partner of Dynamic Fitness explained that as a lifelong resident of Texas (he was born and raised in the Golden Triangle) he knows that Houston is no stranger to past storms and disaster and as a result he also knows that the people of Houston come together in the wake of tragedy to help and support each other.

He explains, “There is a lot of uncertainty after a storm and there is only so much you can do to prepare. Many of our employees and members were displaced and we want to be able to help the entire community.” Things are slowly going back to normal at the gym locations and they have returned to their regular hours of operation, but they realize that a sense of “normalcy” may be very far off for those whose homes, families and businesses were directly affected by the storm. His staff came together to get their locations up and running and open to welcome in any members of the community. He added, “I want to thank all members and staff for their support during this last week as we have been through a lot together. Our staff has done a great job communicating and making sure we worked together to get Dynamic safely open for our members, community and staff!”

Proud to be a part of the Houston community, Jared explained that it is really about giving back to the communities that have given so much to them. He added to this sentiment by reiterating, “As a Houston-based company we understand the importance of the need to feel a sense of normalcy, so our doors will remain open to all guests for the entire month of September.” People helping people – that’s the most positive outcome of any tragic event.