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Hiring the Right Employees

To give our customers the very best experience at Dynamic Fitness, we hold a strong emphasis on hiring only the right people. That’s because we accomplish our four core values of integrity, honesty, passion, and execution through our employees. With every potential candidate we interview, we look for all of these traits.

Our Values: Integrity is one of the most important aspects of someone’s character, and honesty impacts integrity. As a result, integrity and honesty go hand in hand at Dynamic Fitness. We also look for people who are passionate about the Dynamic Fitness brand. These individuals help customers, arrive on time and in uniform, and inspire others in their workouts. Finally, we value execution and how well our employees work in our fitness environment.

Our employees are what truly form our company from the bottom up, so they need to have all of these traits in order for Dynamic Fitness to give the very best customer experience. Our HR department carefully chooses each employee to ensure that they’re a perfect fit for our brand instead of simply just filling a position. We’d rather wait weeks to find the perfect person than simply hire one of the first people that come in for an interview.

Personal Qualities: The personality type we look for depends on the position we’re looking to fill. We also heavily consider the person’s experience in professional fitness environments. For example, an employee working at the front desk should be friendly and enthusiastic, especially because he or she will be a customer’s first impression of our gym. Our front desk personnel’s goal is to help our customers truly feel the energy of our gym right when they walk through the door.

When considering potential personal trainers, we look for the proper certifications, a genuine interest in personal training and nutrition, and most importantly, the ability to build personal relationships with clients. We look past just credentials on a piece of paper and hire employees that will create long-lasting friendships with our customers and enhance their workouts.

Working as a Team: We look for people who can work as a team to contribute to our larger vision and goals for Dynamic Fitness, whether they’re team players or leaders. Our company seeks those who are looking for a serious fitness career and not just a job. We can train anyone who joins our team, but they need to possess our four core values first.

All of our employees possess a certain level of dedication, to the point where Dynamic Fitness is a passion and doesn’t feel like work. They love seeing customers’ progress over time and appreciate their progress. In fact, many of our employees think of our customers as friends and family members. Our company firmly believes that customer experience comes above all else and we make sure everyone is completely engaged and happy with our gym’s facilities. We want all of our customers to feel the culture we have here at Dynamic Fitness, built on integrity, honest, passion, and execution.

Dynamic’s four core values have become part of the culture at all of our gyms, thanks to our wonderful employees. That’s why our customers have pride in our brand name, just like our employees do. We offer a complete experience instead of just being a fitness center. Our personal, family feel is what keeps our customers coming back to Dynamic Fitness.

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